Thursday, May 06, 2021

Mourning the loss of Amy Zimmerman

 With the the Passing of Amy Zimmerman,  mother of my child Elle Lynch, I am in deep morning.

The day begins with the cats waking me at 6am, my hungry alarm clock. We acquired the brothers three weeks before Amy got sick. They were a gift to Elle.

Now, life without Amy couldn't be without them. They show so much love and affection. they are Elle's lovers. Seriously!

I am adapting to a new life without Amy......

I do much of my art planning and some printing and painting from home.

I still go to the studio butt haven't done a long day and night at the studio for over four months.

All the mundane things I took for granted over the last 25 years with Amy are consuming me,

vacuuming, cleaning dishes, feeding the cats twice a day, changing the kitty litter, doing the laundry.

How is there any time let to do construction and work at my studio???

Restructure, restructure and restructuring....

Elle and I are in morning. We breakdown and cry every day...

Does life continue after life? Does the spirit live on in the ones who new her?

I am currently working on work for an upcoming show which was originally scheduled for April 2021.

My Solo show has been rescheduled to July 15th, 2021

Monday, September 25, 2017

Botanical ART inspired by the Bay area

Art at Inclusions Gallery, Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA
#inclusionsgallery #botanicalsrediscovered